In the past two tips we looked at hardwood and laminate floors and tiles and polished concrete  and the practicalities of using them in different rooms throughout the house.

Carpets I Love

This week we are going to look at carpets - and particularly the practicality of carpets in busy family homes.

carpets 3 carpets2

Basically there are two types of carpets, wool and polyprop.  Wool can be pure wool or 80 20.

There are a few types of finishes - velvet is like a bowling green and is so plush you can see your foot prints. Other more practical types are twist and boucle fibre - like weaving. Both of these are luxurious looking and natural but harder to take care of.

Other types are the patterns, stripes, floral, geometric and texture.

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My Favourite

I love carpets on hall stairs and landing, they are very practical, prevent accidents and sound proofs the traffic by deadening the sound.

stair 4 stairs carpets 3 stairs carpets stairs carpets1

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