In our previous tips we looked at Storage, Creating a Focal Point, Seating and Keeping your Favourite things.

In Tip # 5, we look at space planning, particularly lighting, occasional furniture as well as Big Furniture.

Occasional Tables - Functional Matching Any Style

Remember to create a space that is handy  to seating for the glass of wine, beer, cup of coffee, the papers, tablets or granny's knitting.

This IS comfortable living.

And of course, make sure to choose a style to match your overall look, Modern, Traditional, Plush, Luxurious.  Glass works well in a modern look, wood is traditional and of course mixing is great too.

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Lighting - What do you Need & Where?

Then look at the lighting in the room.  Apart from the ceiling lighting, what other lighting will you need?  Think ahead - What do you Need?

Do you need it beside the sofa and coffee table for reading? Do you need one at each seating area? Where will you place it?

What types do you like? Traditional Standard, Floor Up-lighters, Table Lamps?

Anchoring the Room

In my experience the other important item to include in the space planning of a room is to include a big piece of furniture, like a sideboard, or a TV unit, or a display cabinet.



I've found if this isn't included there is nothing to anchor in the room - and it always seems to float, nothing seems to come together.

Thinking about reworking a room in your house?

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