Choosing Colour for your Room

In recent tips for a room makeover we looked at storage, space planning, keeping favourite things, furniture - now we want to look at Choosing Colour and Paint Effects


Do you want background colour, do you want something warm and vibrant? Do you want to make a statement? Or do you want a mixture? What do you really feel comfortable with?

Painted Stripes -  My Favourite Way to Use Colour

For me colour effects is one of the most cost-effective tools I have at my disposal to transform a room.

We can use paint to add interest. We can use paint to create broad stripes, usually vertically, this adds texture, interest, warmth and depth.  This works especially well in a hall, stairs and landing area.

painted all stripespainted wall stripes 2

Colour Stripes - Creating Luxury and Fun in Bedrooms

painted wall stripes 3Fun and colour in a child's bedroom

Without the use of expensive wallpaper we can create a very luxurious look and style in any room, particularly in the bedroom.  In a child's room it add bursts of colour and fun.

I usually use a neutral tone with a slightly deeper shade to create a chique modern tailor-made colour scheme for your rooms.

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Large Horizontal Stripes Unite  A Room

Using large horizontal stripes right away around a room pulls the room together in a very blended and peaceful way.

Horizontal Stripe Feature Wall 2Horizontal Stripe Wall


Run large horizontal stripes behind a display unit. Maybe using the same colour to create a  feature wall behind the fire place.

This can really pull the colour theme together.

Dining Room - Bringing the Room Together

Large painted colour stripes can work very well in a dining area of a room to bring the areas together - similarly with a recess alcove.

Dining Room Horizontal Stripes2

Dining Room Horizontal StripesModern Wall Stripe, Traditional Dining Room

It also allows you to bring a modern twist to traditional furniture and room.

Barcode Colour - Great Modern Funky Twist

Barcode colour is also a great way to add life and a modern look to any child's room.  It also works great in TV rooms, family areas and play rooms.


barcode colour child's room Barcode Colour, Child's Room Barcode Colour, Teenagers Room barcode living room


On a limited budget? Talk to me about using colour in both dramatic and traditional ways to transform your home - or even for starters just one room.  Call me on 01 924 3675  or email me here.