In recent Tips we looked at curtains and Fabrics.  This week I want to give some advice on blinds.

Generally there are two types of Blinds - Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds.

Roller Blinds

Roller blind 3 Roller Blind 2 roller blinds

There are limited options available with Roller Blinds, but choosing well in colour and texture and placing and fitting in a conservative way, can give a dramatic, modern and expensive look.


They are a great idea in small rooms such as children's bedrooms - and can bring a lot of colour and brightness.

My Fabric of Choice

With Roller Blinds, I love, plain coloured textured linens and suede effects.  I also love fabric that you can see through, but external views give a blank view.  These are called Screen Roller Blinds.

screen-roller-blinds3 screen roller blinds bedroom screen roller blinds

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