Room Makeover – Tip # 3 – Creating a Focal Point

In our Series Room Makeover Tips – so far we have looked at Storage – Tip #1 – Storage and in Tip # 2 – Keeping Your Favourite Things – we looked at how to integrate your favourite things into a new design.


In this tip, we look at how important it is to create a focal point in a room, to bring all the elements together.

You need to revisit the room, decide where the focal point is and what it is.


Creating the Focal Point

TV 2

Traditionally, the Focal Point is usually where the light comes in, where the best view is, or the fireplace, or in today’s rooms – where the big flatscreen is!

If you can bring all these things together into a quadrant of the room even better, as the room will then naturally work.

TV 3If these key elements are not together – it creates a very restless room – you may end up turning from side to side with a sore neck to see what goes on outside.. while watching the TV.

If necessary it is well worth spending the money on relocating cables and TV.


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