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Bar Stools – So Practical and Space Saving

Came across these unusual bar stools recently. Love the industrial style and feel of these. [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id="19"] With space at a premium these days in most households, I find bar stools are a great space saving idea in many kitchen diners. They are great for teenagers who love lounging on anything that isn't a chair.…
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Kitchen Diner Refurb Foxrock Dublin 18

Kitchen Diner & Living Room Refurbishment & Modernisation, Three Bed Semi, Foxrock, Dublin 18 Love how this renovation and modernisation turned out. Light colours and some customised furniture and fittings have created a truly unique and comfortable space for these homeowners. [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id="11"]     Brief from client was to modernise around a Moroccan Blue…
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New Commission Foxrock, Dublin 18

Great new commission in Foxrock, Dublin 18. Looking forward to working on this project as we work through revamping the kitchen with colour and bench seats. Also advising on design for sitting room, colour, curtains and furniture. Then working on bedroom - refurbish, brighten, modernise. Looking forward to bringing some warmth and modern colours with…
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